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30 Perumpamaan Bahasa Melayu Part 1:

30 Perumpamaan Bahasa Melayu Part 1:


1. Just like ducks go back during the evening (macam itik pulang petang)

2. When the moon fell on the lap (bulan jatuh ke riba)

3. Like the bamboo pulled in reversed

4. Just like the moon and the sun

5. Looks like a blowfish expanded (macam ikan buntal kembang!)

6. Like the crow return to the continent

7. Like a mad worm

8. Like a worm washed in hot water

9. Like the gekko that eats lime! (macam cicak termakan kapur)

10. Like the ring and the diamond

11. Like the ink and the paper

12. Just like bruised by the thorns

13. Like seating on thorns

14. Like the thorns inside the meat

15. Like the durian and the fetuccini. Fetuccini turns n it's destroyed, not turn, it also destroyed. Aiyo!

16. Like the un-fertile mother gives birth!

17. Like the morning dew on the leaf

18. Like the morning dew on the edge of the grass

19. Like the crow holds an egg

20. Like the saw with two eyes.

21. Like the scissors that eats at the end!

22. Like the thunder that split the earth!

23. Depend on the fences, but the fences eat the rice

24. Like the tiger that hides it's nails

25. Like the liver that stick to the heart

26. Like the rain falls on the sand

27. Like the fishes got poisoned! (macam ikan kena tuba)

28. Like the duck got water

29. Like the mirror fell on the rock

30. Like the nut forgot it's skin (shell)-Umpama kacang lupakan kulitnya)

---Koleksi kedua akan muncul!



p/s: err..don't ask me the meaning ah! I, myself blur blur..

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